Anders Zorn Family Home and Museum

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Jeremy painting Danielle and Skylar.

Jeremy did a demo/painting session on the grounds of the Zorn estate.  Instead of using one of the models, he painted his two favorite models:  his wife, Danielle, and his daughter, Skylar.  Even though they were great models I decided it was more interesting for me to paint Jeremy and the group painting Danielle and Skylar, so that is what I did.

Me and my buddy Anders.

These are some of the grounds of the Zorn estate.

Johan Cederlund –  Zorn Museum director

Inside Anders Zorn’s home

Before the painting session, we had a wonderful private tour of the museum and then a tour of the estate from Museum Director Johan Cederlund. Everything in the home was preserved as it would have been in Zorn’s time.The next day the very kind and accommodating Johan Cederlund drove us out to Gammelgård, where Zorn had bought old cottages that reminded him of his family home where he grew up.  He used to summer in the original cabin on the shore of Lake Siljan. As I’ve mentioned, Zorn brought a lot of these cottages to the Gammelgård wanting to preserve their architecture as art.

Jon me and Jeremy at Zorn’s log cabin

The grounds were absolutely picturesque. And the log cabin studio had a wonderful northern light, as you can see in the photos.

Jeremy and Julia with the model.

Start to my Swedish model

After a tour of the main log cabins we painted a Swedish woman in her authentic cultural attire. I am sure there is a name for this outfit. I actually bought a necklace like hers, it’s made out of human hair and it is supposed to be crazy strong. I love it. It’s super long and I put a silver antique sewing tape measure on the end of mine.

Train ride back to Stockholm to start the long journey home.

All and all it was a wonderful experience, despite the few set backs. I love Sweden and I would never have gone there otherwise. I am so glad I went and I made a wonderful friend in Julia, my roommate whom I am currently rooming with again at the Portrait Society Conference in Atlanta.



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