Sweden with Jeremy Lipking Sometimes Everything Goes Wrong

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The entrance to Djurönäset Hotel.

Today we were supposed to meet in the lobby at 9:30AM again to drive to Jeremy’s cabin on the lake, where we would paint all day.  Julia and I were running a little late because

our room

A.) we stayed up way too late last night – almost 2AM

B.) Julia (Julia Gravois a fellow student and my roommate) was obsessed with buying a hat because of the sun (I should be this conscientious),  so we decided to drive to this cool country club called Fågelbro Golf & Country Club  we’d found the day before.

We got back and everyone was loading the cars.  Kia (Dr. Kianoosh Jafari -a fellow student and doc) was waiting for us.  After we had gathered our art supplies from our room and started loading our car, Jeremy and the rest of the students asked if we needed them to wait for us.  I said, no, no, believing optimistically that I remembered the route to Jeremy’s house and, as a backup, my friend Dan (Dan Burch, another fellow student) was nice enough to set a way point in my nav system yesterday.    I also believed I would remember the route because the main road to the house ran alongside the Victoria Circus.  A real circus!  So we found the Circus and we drove down the road.  It’s a different road.  Now we were all thinking I just missed the turn.  However, backtracking made it clear that I didn’t miss the turn.  Hmmmm did the circus move overnight.  Yep 🙁  We did not have an address and we thought the nav system was wrong because it kept telling us we were there and we weren’t.  We repeatedly called Jeremy, but no answer.  However, we should have trusted the technology, but the problem was I had asked Dan to set the nav system after we left and so it was set for a location a 1/16 of a mile away from the Jeremy’s cabin.  Unfortunately, there are 15 million little roads around the water and 90% of the cabins were painted Falu red just like Jeremy’s.

We did finally see Danielle, (Jeremy’s wife) on the road and she pointed us in the direction of the house.  Being lost all of this time made us more than an hour late.

Jeremy’s start to the painting of the two models.

All of the students were already stationed tightly around Jeremy and the two models.  The terrain was very rocky and uneven

Everyone gathered around the models painting.

Since there were no spots to be found,  Kia and I climbed on top of a big bolder to paint.  We couldn’t hear Jeremy’s soft talking instructions, the models were far away and hard to see and paint.  After painting for a couple of hours, everyone packed up and went back to the hotel to clean up.  

Dinner was at 8 so Kia, his wife Suzanne, Julia and I all went together.

Jan Jewell enjoying the last of our Värmdö trip.

We arrived about 5 minutes after eight and everyone was already there, had eaten and there was no food left!  It was really one of those days.

We still had the next day to look forward to.  We were scheduled to take a train to Mora.  I was very excited!

Shelli Alford is an artist and author, who enjoys learning from master oil painters from around the world and reviewing their classes, workshops and demonstrations.

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