Portrait Society of America day 2

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The first full day of the conference began with morning opening ceremonies from Edward Jonas.  He had the sad news of asking for a moment of silence in remembrance of The Portrait Societies co founder Gorden Wetmore.

This was followed by a demo with Michelle Dunaway and Susan Lyon called, Two Points of View.  They were posed on either side of the same model.  It was fascinating to watch the two wheel their talents in such different ways as hundreds of us watched.

Tom Edgerton and hundreds more watch this great demonstration.

Susan Lyons beautiful demo.

Susan Lyon’s beautiful demo.

Michelle Dunaway truly captivating.

After lunch there was another demo with the legendary Burt Silverman.

 Out to dinner with friends.  Tonight we are at the Cirus center in downtown Philadelphia for dinner.

Eating with friends Sam Robinson and at Circa in downtown Philadelphia.



I really love my job.  It’s so great to be with artists.   They look at everything from a completely unique  perspective .


Shelli Alford is an artist and author, who enjoys learning from master oil painters from around the world and reviewing their classes, workshops and demonstrations.

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