Aaron Westerberg Workshop – Scottsdale, AZ – Day 2

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Aaron Westerberg

Today I want to reflect on yesterday, my travel day and all the things that went right and all the things that did not go so well.

In the positive pile:

My flight on Southwest Airlines was as smooth as butter.   Unlike my last trip to California, this flight left and landed right on time.   Because of the California workshop I promised myself that I would fly Southwest whenever possible.   Southwest is much more reliable than any other airline that I have flown and it does not charge for baggage or to change your reservation.  (Southwest is not paying me to say this, I promise)  An extra day before a workshop also allows me to relax, organize my paint supplies and figure out where the workshop is, how I will get there each day and where the nearest art supply store is in case I need to pick up something during the workshop.

In the, “maybe I want to rethink that” pile:

I stayed  up too late last night.   I was thinking about everything under the sun, but mostly Aaron’s class.  OK, both things I just said are true, but the real reason I couldn’t fall asleep was because I didn’t have my transitional object.  When I was young I needed my favorite stuffed animal or blanky to fall asleep.  Now, Neil, my husband is my blanky that helps me fall asleep.  Because I had so much trouble falling asleep, I didn’t get up until almost noon.  This is not a good way to start this workshop.

My carry on bag was too big.

The Carry On Bag

The carry on bag that I chose for this trip is a short squatty rectangular Swiss Army

Scottsdale Artists’ School

bag.  I should admit that I love and am constantly experimenting with luggage.   I really liked this bag when I bought it last year because it had a lot of zippered pockets.  The problem is that it barely fits under airline seats and leaves zero room for feet or anything else and if God forbid I over pack the bag, it doesn’t fit under the seat at all.  50% of the problem is the bag and 50% of the problem is because I packed too much stuff in the bag.  I am learning that I don’t need everything I bring.  I need to think about what I actually need to pull out of my carry on bag during the flight.   I just made a list of the 6,452 items I brought in my carry on.  Well, maybe I did not bring that many things, but I did bring way too many items that I really did not need to carry on the plane.  After giving it a lot of thought, I have determined that the below list of items I really do need to pack in my carry on bag.
laptop – 1001 reasons to carry it on.

My iPad – I have a great drawing program so I don’t need to bring a sketchbook or pencils.

iPhone – I can’t function without it.

A single charger that has a connection for both my  iPhone and computer – dead electronics are useless.

Glasses – I can’t read a thing without them.

My wallet – I can’t buy a thing without money.

A night gown, undies and a light sundress in case I get stranded. –  This has actually happened to me.

My Garmin GPS – It lets me function like a native as soon as I rent my car.

Grapes, cheese, sliced apples, crackers and a water that I buy in the airport. –  No I am not that healthy.  I always get a chocolate something when I have to make a connecting flight, because the flight food is always horrible.

Headphones – This keeps the other passengers on my row from hating me.

Camera – I take photos of everything.

A little makeup bag with lipstick and small items I may need on the plane, like gum, a pen etc.

A cashmere cardigan sweater. – I get cold a lot on planes and in air conditioned airports.

This is still a lot of stuff, but substantially less than I used to pack in my carry on bag.

Scottsdale, AZ

I ordered art supplies online from Cheap Joes Art Supplies a week and a half before the class and requested that they be delivered directly to the hotel.  When I checked into the hotel, the box of supplies had not yet arrived.  I checked again today and they still are not here.  I called their 800 number and they were closed.  Hmmmmm, this is not good.  I have never ordered from them before.  Fortunately, I packed in my check through luggage a small canvas, a few brushes and a small set of oil paints.  I decided to drive to an art supply store and pick up another canvas, oil and turpentine.  That way I would have enough supplies and canvases for 2 days in case the online order still does not come.

I am in luck!  It turns out Scottsdale has a lot of artists and art supplies.  Who knew?  Oh yea, I just remembered that Scottsdale houses that whole Georgia O’Keeffe and the Stieglitz gang.

To sum up the day:  I reflected, got organized, got unpacked, went sightseeing, went shopping  did a dry run to the school and basically had a fun easy day.  Now I am really ready for the first day of class!

Arizona Art Supply – Great store with very knowledgeable staff.



Shelli Alford is an artist and author, who enjoys learning from master oil painters from around the world and reviewing their classes, workshops and demonstrations.

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