Stokholm Atelier and Painting at Jeremy’s Stugas house

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figurative Stockholm Atelier. 

After the National Museum we all met over at Atelier Stockholm founded by Hans-Peter Szameit.    The school teaches much of the early 1900 philosophy of the French realists.    Hans-Peter gave us a personal and extensive tour of his school.   As he explains on his website:

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art – Atelier Stockholm (SARA) was founded in 2006 as Sweden’s first school of fine art dedicated to traditional, realistic drawing and painting. The full-time program runs for three years…

Hans-Peter’s office
Jeremy’s house.

The following day we all stayed at the four star Djurönäset Hotel and Spa while Jeremy, his family and some friends stayed in a Stugas House (a Swedish cottage usually painted red) on a beautiful lake about 15 minutes from our hotel.  A few of us had rented cars, we all loaded up in them and headed over to Jeremy’s after breakfast.

View from Jeremy’s cottage.

The view from this charming cottage was spectacular!!!  Jeremy demonstrated his techniques while painting a beautiful blonde Swedish model next to a contrasting black haired model.  I felt particularly sorry for the models because they were posing outside in chilly 58* weather, because Jeremy’s creation paid homage to some of Anders Zorn plein air paintings.  The models stood naked in wooden barrels partially filled with water.  Although these were some severe conditions for modeling the Swedish models were as tough as they were beautiful.

The set up for the paintings.

Jeremy’s Swedish demo was different from the techniques that I remember him employing in the California workshop.  He had a window shade technique in California and here he blocked in shapes over the entire painting before he filled them with color.  I guess when you are as skilled as Jeremy, you can employ multiple techniques.

The beginning of Jeremy’s painting.

After the demo, we broke for lunch, and that afternoon we had a chance to paint!  Yay!!  We painted for about an hour and a half in that beautiful setting and then packed up and left.

Has anyone ever painted in Sweden before? Has anyone ever painted figures outside in the cold?  Let me know.



Shelli Alford is an artist and author, who enjoys learning from master oil painters from around the world and reviewing their classes, workshops and demonstrations.

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