Aaron Westerberg Class #3: Slow and Steady

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We have a new model today.  Sad, I won’t get to finish the last painting… but not too sad. It wasn’t exactly my best work. I’m thinking positive about this new one, though.

With this today’s model, Aaron asked us to do a sketch followed by a color study.  This was the first color study I had ever done.  What a great tool!  The process really helped with composition as well as colors.

I started out carefully, and all of my colors ended up being very transparent.  Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to be transparent over any other colors… just the white tiny canvas.  (I don’t think this is what Ellen was talking about when she was bestowing the virtues of transparent paints.)  Aaron came by and he said, “Put some paint on your canvas, what are you afraid of?” Yes, I had heard this before from a few other teachers.

Aaron graciously went on to explain that my color study looks like a water color.  Ugh!  Not what I wanted to hear, especially since I thought it was so great!

Oh well. I’m learning.

I repainted the entire color study.  Of course, just like I do everything, I am slow as molasses.  Everyone is starting their paintings and I am still working on my color study.  End of the class and my color study is finished.  I will start the painting first thing tomorrow.

The Zorn Pallet

One interesting little side note:

Aaron talks incessantly about Andrew Zorn.  He loves the Zorn pallet and is constantly referring to it.  I mentioned to Aaron that I had a previous teacher who also was obsessed with the Zorn pallet and loved him as well.

I also asked Arron if he had ever met Jeremy Lipking and he laughed and said, “Yes.” Turns out, the two went to school together. They were friends, who lived close by and painted together often. Small world.  Who knew?

Shelli Alford is an artist and author, who enjoys learning from master oil painters from around the world and reviewing their classes, workshops and demonstrations.

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